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Jumpy Junior

Make friends with Jumpy Jr. - our animated turtle never fails to amaze little kids... Play now

Children's Games

Games for children of all ages. Some test your motor skills and reflexes; others require math or logic.... Children's games

Craft Activities

Try your hand at making cards, masks, toys, decorations, a musical instrument out of odds and ends, or make a periscope from household stuff. Choose from a wide variety of printable activities and online craft activities. Kids craft activities


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Science For Kids

Explore the how and why behind everyday things in our science magazine for kids. You can also find cool ideas for science projects and experiments, or test your skills by choosing to play one of our many science quiz for kids . Jump right in and start discovering now...

Activities for Kids > Craft & Art Activities >

Marbles Teach

Sometimes what seems like a very difficult concept in your text book, can be easily understood through the play way method. Perform this simple experiment and understand what momentum is. Read on ...

Activities for Kids > Art & Craft | Quiz | Word Play | Coloring Book | Math-a-Magic

Discover: Science for Kids > Who, what, where, when & how >

Why do Onions Make us Cry?

At the very first chop into this vegetable, you end up shedding copious tears as if someone is taking a stick at you. Is this the vegetableís way of saying donít take a knife and cut me? Read on ...

Discover: Science for Kids > Earth | Eureka | Did You Know?

Children's Magazine > Features for Kids >

Dress like an Egyptian

Join us in our time machine as we go back in the past to ancient Egypt. Notice the ancient Egyptians' awesome sense of attire and fashion! Read on ...

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TaleSpin [Fiction for Children] > Folktales >


Everyone knows what a hair cut is, any clues about a tail-cut? A fox loses his tail in a trap and tries to convince others that he has had a tail-cut. Did the others believe him, though? Read on ...

TaleSpin [Fiction for Children] > Stories | Folktales | Poems | Books

News For Kids > World News >

Fiji Struck by Cyclone

The Pacific island nation of Fiji declared an emergency after Cyclone Tomas struck. The northern and eastern parts of the country were the worst affected. Read on ...

News For Kids > World News for Kids | Environment News | Science News

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