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Geography Quizzes for Kids

Children's Geography Quizzes -- Now displaying 1 to 10

So you think you know the world around you? Find out if you know its rivers, currencies, natural wonders, architectural wonders and much more. Try some of these Quizzes about geography and find out! We keep score for you, in case you want to see how you are doing!

Waters of Civilisation

Cities and countries have a deep relationship with the rivers and seas that they are flanked by. See how many of them you can identify. Play the Quiz


Volcanoes are nature's wildest and most destructive force. Human history tells tales of the fury and destruction of these 'mountains of fire'. Play the Quiz

Coldest, Driest and Hottest

Find out the driest, hottest and the wettest place on earth. Waves that are a kilometre high and winds that can uproot... Play the Quiz

Geography Quiz

Find some interesting things about the planet we live on. You'll know some facts and some you won't. Do you know which country has Malay as its official language? Play the Quiz

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Money, money, money

Euro, pound, lira, dirham, rupee... Which countries use these currencies? Try out this currency quiz. At the end of it you will be richer for the experience. Play the Quiz

Natural Wonders

Yes, these are terms that we all use frequently, but when someone asks us the exact meaning we go...oh..oh..! Play the Quiz

When the Earth Quakes

A host of questions on a natural disaster that makes the earth move with deadly results. Play the Quiz


Seasons not only tell us the time of the year in different landscapes, they are intimately connected to human emotions and experiences as well. Find out how... Play the Quiz

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Earth Quiz-1

Which is the longest mountain range on our planet, and which is the longest river? Get into your quizzing clothes and discover a world of islands, volcanoes and minerals! Play the Quiz

Architectural Wonders

Today when we look at our ancient structures, we cannot help but wonder how they ever got created. Though thousands of years old they never fail seem to amaze us. Play the Quiz

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Jumpy Junior

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