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Games for Kids

Online children's games for fun and for learning. Some games require kids to test their motor skills and reflexes; others require mathematical calculations as well as application of logic. Games that enable children to learn while playing and taking up challenges.

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Mind Games

Online brain teasers for kids. Think smart and guess your opponent's next move. Before that, understand the pattern of these children's computer games. Master these online math puzzle games for kids.

Skill Games

Race your mouse and keep ahead of your competitor. These online computer games for children are really fast paced. What you need are good reflexes.

Word Games

Vocabulary and fun come together in these puzzles and crosswords for children. Get in and crack the codes and mysteries. Stimulating crosswords, word puzzles to enrich a child's vocabulary by testing their existing word skills. If you like cracking puzzles, crosswords and other clue related games, this is the place to be.

Advanced Games

Do you like a good challenge? Then try these online mind bender puzzles for kids. children's jigsaw puzzles with a difference, cryptic word games for kids. Tanagram, Hanoi and Crypto, here we come!

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Math Games

If every teacher made us play these math games for kids, none of us would be afraid of mathematics! Chinese card games for children, math puzzles for the curious kid and much more.

Junior Games

Online children's games for fun learning. Match pictures with words, count spiders, spot the odd word out, paint coloring sheets. All these and more for children. Hurray for kids puzzles games!

Science For Kids

Explore the how and why behind everyday things in our free science magazine for kids. You can also find some cool ideas for science projects and experiments. You could also test your skills by choosing to play one of our many science quiz for kids . Jump right in and start discovering now...

Coloring Pages for Kids

Hundreds of coloring sheets for kids: Download the pictures and colour them wild. There are clowns, animals and automobiles. You will also find shades of festivals, traditional lamps, and sceneries and much, much more. Start coloring now...

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