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Our kidsí magazine features stories on festivals, customs, ways of life, history, cinema, sport, champions, rare feats, artists, education, thinkers and much more. This is a virtual magazine of features for kids.

Aristotle canít remain Ignorant!

When Alexander the Great set off on his expedition to India, he travelled with historians and philosophers with one objective - that his teacher, Aristotle should not remain ignorant of any animal born anywhere! Read on ...

The First Notes of Mozart

The genius that was to make Mozart one of the greats of western classical music, was apparent even as a child. At five, he was already composing terribly complicated concert pieces. Read on ...

Ride the Camel

A ride on camel back, from Jaisalmer to the Thar dunes, turns out to be the most memorable part of Aditi De's trip to Rajasthan. Read on ...

The Silken Web

Thousands of children in Karnataka work like industrious ants in matchbox-sized spaces in sericulture units. A documentary film highlights their plight. Read on ...

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Welcome to Blind Cow

Drawn curtains and the absence of lights make this restaurant for the blind in Zurich, pitch dark. And it's a hit even with people who can see. Read on ...

The Making of a Prodigy

Siva Kalyan is a prodigy. Not only is he studying advanced math and physics at the age of nine years, but he is also overcoming a tough physical condition. And it's all in no small measure due to his parents. Read on ...

The Story of Indian Bronzes

No, they are not the kind of bronzes weightlifter Malleswari won in the recent Olympics, but the most exquisite sculptures made in an equally fascinating manner down the ages. Read on ...

Francoise' Dolls

So you thought dolls are just pretty plastic things with no real value at all. Well, you haven't seen Francoise' dolls have you? Read on ...

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A Sojourn in Venice

What are the images that Venice evokes? A sense of history and timelessness. And long leisurely rides through its myriad canals in gondolas. But all this is under threat today. Read on ...

Writing in Wax

A riot of patterns and colours, with innumerable lines criss-crossing the cloth, is the hallmark of the exquisite dyeing craft of batik that has existed for more than a 1000 years. Read on ...

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